Wednesday, January 3, 2007

January 2007 in Spain: Madrid

We arrived in Spain without incident. Olga's family was on flights through Paris and we were on flights through Frankfurt. They had a 4 hours layover, which was just enough time because somebody left a bag in a cafe in the airport and security had to clear out the terminal and detonate the bag. Olga and I had only 1 hour layover in Frankfurt, which also was exactly perfect - we walked through security and straight onto the plane. We all arrived in Madrid at about the same time and traveled together to the hotel. Walked around Madrid a bit this evening and had the best tapas ever :)

Thursday is shaping up to be great - first a walk to the Prado museum and then a walk around the city - all of the major sites seem to be walking distance from our hotel. My high school Spanish is coming back to me and I am making sure everybody in our party knows how impressive it is :)

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