Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Greece overview (part 1)

Friday was my last day of work at the old job. We decided (basically last minute) to take a 1 week trip to Greece (plus 3 days of travel w/ nights in Chicago, London, and New York). It's certainly not the most direct way to Greece, but I have 2 weeks off between jobs and it's a fun way to get from SFO to Athens.

Sunday night:
Chicago was fun. We stayed at a place near the airport, walked over to White Castle for late-night burgers - see picture on Olga's blog: http://calisto239.livejournal.com/38970.html When we stayed up almost all night searching for things to do in London all of the next night. Success!

Monday night:
One of the most enjoyable site-seeings we have ever had. Walked all around the SOHO neighborhoods in London from midnight to 5am. Hopped between a few late-night cafes and restaurants. I have a couple pictures and Olga has the details from some characters we ran into (Olga will probably post them to her blog).

Arrived in Athens in the early afternoon. Ran into two American tourists on their way out and they gave us their extra tickets to see the Acropolis and ancient Dionisys theatre. On the bus ride from the airport to the hotel, I suddenly became extremely sleepy and couldn't keep my eyes open. Finally found the hotel (it seemed like it took forever to find the right street) and took a siesta until 9pm. Wandered the streets and found a great local restaurant with no tourists inside (until we arrived). Went back to the hotel and passed out again.

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