Monday, February 4, 2008

7th day in Shanghai

Wow, I've been here a week - leaving tomorrow. Carla asked me tonight if I'm happy to go - and I have to say no. I had a wonderful time here, travel is super fun in general, business travel is sometimes even more so. There are so many wonderful things I didn't get a chance to experience - I can't wait to come back!
Work was a typical day, I was wrapping up loose ends, sending out emails about the things accomplished, following up with people in Shanghai, and looping back with vendors in California to restart projects that were on hold. The weather was very nice today and the sky was the clearest it has been all week. Here's a picture I took from the office. The office closed early at 4pm - I wrapped things up and got out at 5pm. Getting a taxicab was surprisingly quick today. I decided to let the doormen at my hotel do their job and they did it very well - a whole team of doormen hid out at strategic locations throughout the street for about 20 minutes. At about 5:20 pm, I saw a taxicab pull in and one of our doormen jumped out. It was like a pit crew at the Indianapolis 500. (Wo)manpower is one resource China has plenty of - and they certainly know how to throw their numbers at a problem.

I was feeling a little Chinese fooded-out after Cantonese dim sum lunch today, so Carla and I went to another brewpub in Shanghai - on the Bund right where we were yesterday. It's a super Americany place - just like Gordon Biersch - but with better American food, if you can believe it!! The nachos were really really good - and the beer was good too. Due to public demand, here's a picture of Carla and me at the brewery.

Carla had to head back, but I wanted to "check up on" one of my employer's investments: Cha-mate. I think it means tea-friend in Chinese/English? It's basically the Chinese equivalent of Friendly's restaurant. Anyway, I did my duties as a good employee and went there to inspect their tea and dessert. While I was waiting for a table, they have bins with different flavors of tea for sale and I smelled a lot of them to see which I wanted to drink tonight and to take home. The Roselle tea smelled the best, so if you come to visit us in the next month, feel free to try some. It tastes almost as good as it smells. What's that thing that looks like croutons with cream on top? Why, it's Mr. Banana Cake making a special appearance with his co-stars Ms. Slice of tomato and Ms. Parsley. It was yummy in spite of the unexpected vegetable guests.

While walking to get a cab, I saw another silly sign - see if you can spot it.

BTW while writing this journal entry, I found a site that cracked me up:

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion!

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