Friday, February 1, 2008

Day 4 in Shanghai

Work was good, had the rest of my important meetings and they went as well as I had expected. Had a small Chinese take-out lunch (sweet yummy pork and something like spinach) with the office and then had another small lunch with my IT consultant at a very Western cafe (carrot cake and something called "Chinese soup"). I ordered Green tea and they were out. Then I ordered Jasmine tea and they brought me a Tetley tea bag from England. So much for authentic Chinese tea :)

Worked late today and have to go in early tomorrow, but hopefully Saturday and Sunday work will be short days. Went to dinner with my IT consultant - he took me to a Japanese steakhouse - it's better than any of the Japanese steakhouses in the US. Everything is prepared with lots of spices and sauces. The abalone was my favorite dish. I also had beef tongue FOR BUBBY (it was chewy and not quite worth it). I guess the Chinese like Japanese food because so far 3 people have taken me to Japanese in the past two days. Besides sushi (which I have mostly avoided this trip), I haven't had that much Japanese in years. My consultant says that Chinese people like Japanese restaurants because the Japanese stole the traditions of the Chinese in the olden days and preserved them - while the Chinese assimilated other cultures/customs and lost their own heritage - so going to a Japanese restaurant is like visiting an ancient Chinese past.

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