Sunday, June 8, 2008

Visit to St Petersburg (Part 2)

Friday: Slept in until about 2pm and relaxed all afternoon. At 4:30 we left to go to the Anna Akhmatova museum for Olga's presentation. It was a huge success! Olga introduced a lot of people to the author Lydia Chukovskaya and her work. There was a lot of audience participation and a well-deserved reception afterwards.

Inna, Johnny, Paul, and Kostya decided to go to the free Roger Waters - Dark Side of the Moon concert in the Palace Square. Having never turned down an opportunity to see Roger before, I wasn't able to let this be the first time. The show was awesome, it was the last night of the Dark Side of the Moon Tour (unless they decide to extend it). Everybody was in rare form (although I think PP Arnold had a cold). They released the pig into the St Petersburg sky. Paul drove us back - Olgie and I went out for Shwarma and got in at 1:30am. Then I packed and wrapped things up for a couple hours, and at 3:45am we left for the airport!

When flying into Frankfurt, we were in a clear area between the clouds and the fog - and I could see the tops of a church, a skyscraper, and two factories popping up from the fog. It was really majestic, but I couldn't reach my camera in time. Movies watched: The Bucket List, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, and Charlie Wilson's War (on-demand - thanks British Air 747). Got home Saturday afternoon and slept the rest of the day :)


The other Olga said...

I look rightfully angry -- which I was :)

Dave said...

You should see the picture I took of Maya!!! It makes you look downright cheery :)

Dave said...

btw I believe this "angry" photo is when you were replying to Sasha's dad - that's when you first stood up :)

The other Olga said...

Right, I believe so -- about standing up. I was going to read Heiner Mueller, I wanted to make an impression :)

kindl said...

Great photos!! But, hey, Dave, is this really all that you have got? :)
Can you share with me some of another 500+ pics that you didn't post here? ))