Friday, June 6, 2008

Visit to Ukraine (part 3)

Wednesday: Woke up with severe allergies to the Poplar tree blossoms. Walked around Kiev and took the scenic route past the Mariyinsky Palace and through the park to the Lavra church and caves Monks lived in the caves in self-imposed solitary confinement many centuries ago and their mummified bodies are still there today - neat cave tour!!

Met with some friends from LiveJournal and checked out the local Kiev cafe scene. Rode the 103-year-old funicular from historic Uppertown down to the Podil near our hotel (it cost only 10 cents USD - the cheapest thing in Kiev).

Thursday: Bought a couple of final Ukranian souvenirs and headed towards the airport. Had public transit mishaps every step along the way and ended up taking a cab. We got to the airport just in time - although you can never arrive late enough to miss a Rossiya airlines flight ;) Spent the afternoon relaxing at Olga's parents flat.


aliot17 said...
pictures of old Kiev

Dave said...

so little has changed in 100 years, i think i recognize more than half of those locations. the ukraine vs russia discussion in this thread is funny. also interesting because this is the last time anybody was able to buy kiev postcards (olga knows what i mean).

The other Olga said...

yup. a nice illustration of the kind of tension i was telling you about :)