Saturday, September 26, 2009

9/24: Good night Krakow!

9/24: Good night Krakow!

We seem to have adjusted well to the time zone now as we slept in til 10am, just enough time to pack up before check-out time.

Caught a nice glimpse of a hot air balloon that seemed to be tied down to a dock on the Vistula River.

Walked through the stands in the Kazimierz Market Square - had the local staple of zapiekanki (Kazimierz style french bread pizza) for lunch - in the photo you'll see less than half - Olga and I shared one, but the locals were having an entire two-foot-long pizza all to themselves!

Walked by a bar/cafe that was in the theme of Singer sewing machines-- very cute.  I wonder what the connection is, was the company from Krakow?  Sounds like it could've been Jewish at one point (Zinger).

Visited the Jewish sites in the Kazimierz district: Visited the Remu'h Synagogue from 1553 which is currently under renovation -- the security guard was reading his "sex horoscope" -- and the accompanying old cemetery. Also visited the Old Synagogue -- the exhibits are mainly regarding Jewish life in general -- very few specifics to Krakow or Poland -- a bit stale and disappointing.

Toured the grounds of the Wawel Castle. Alas, there was no dragon to see as it had been slayed some millenia ago.

Walked around the University grounds and surrounding town (second oldest University in Europe). Plenty of fun little shops, young vibrant people hustling and bustling. We had a light dinner at a salad bar where you can order 2, 4, or 6 small salads (potato, beet, Greek, quiche, etc -- about 30 different kinds) piled onto a plate for just a couple bucks -- yum!!

Finally we picked up our bags and headed to the train station. Managed to use up the rest of our Polish PLN currency on coffee, ice cream, and some chocolates to go. The sleeping car of the train was super comfy, the purser was amazingly friendly. Started reading the guidebook and listening to podcasts to prepare for the Czech Republic. Attempted our first use of Czech words and greeted our train purser with "Ahoj!" (sounds like AH-hoy)


slbehr said...

FYI the dragon is under the castle...on the river walk. Sorry you missed it. Enjoyed the same food at the market stand. yum

Anonymous said...

That's quite doubtful. I doubt.