Friday, January 1, 2010

01/01/2010: Binary 14 or Adventures in Socialized Medicine

Please read Olga's blog for the detailed and amusing tale of my non-issue health scare:

At admissions, I had to pay a flat fee that converts to about $240 USD. I'm not completely sure, but I believe this would have also covered the surgery if it was needed. An amusing interchange with the admitting nurse:
Her: What's the problem?
Me: The eye
The eye is no good?
No good.
...and so it goes.
After awhile in the waiting room, a doctor called out "run-DAHL?" "run-DAHL?" It took a few moments to realize it was me. Admissions had taken my name from my passport as "D Randall Grenetz".

The total amount of time I was seen by doctors (high) and the number of levels I had to go through to get to a specialist (very low) are impressive. Maybe Michael Moore was right :)

Tonight was our third Italian restaurant on this trip (the 2nd selected by locals we were meeting, and the other time it was literally the only restaurant in town). Apparently Israeli Jews love Italian food as much as American Jews.

The phone in my room has a button labeled "Reception". I pressed it at 11:30pm to request a wake-up call, and it surprisingly (for all of us) redialed the guy who runs our tour company.
Him: Shalom
Me: I'd like a wake-up call.
This is Ami
Wake-up call? Oh my god, I'm so sorry, I redialed you by accident!
By popular demand, here are the cast of characters of this trip:

Phil (Dave's father) - right.

Karen (Dave's mother) - left.

Mike (Dave's brother) - right.

Dave (our fearless travel blogger) - left.

Olga (Dave's wife) - right.

Konstantin (Olga's brother) - left.

Maria (Olga's mother) - right.

Leonid (Olga's father) - left.

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