Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Feb 24 in Shanghai

The only thing worse than missing Olga's birthday because I'm in China -- is missing it twice.  All day today has been Olga's birthday in China -- but for her it's still the day before her birthday. Thursday when she wakes up all starry-eyed for her birthday, I will have moved on to bigger and better days. Such is the life of the traveler.

The first person to correctly identify this food item from my breakfast by replying to this blogspot post will win a prize that I'll bring back from the exotic People's Republic of China.

I had another super productive day. When there's someone in the US covering my regular job, and I get to work as the US office is closing, and I have consultants in Shanghai helping out too, I can get a surprising amount of stuff done! I should try this more often.

This evening I had dinner with my manager from the US, his cousin, and the cousin's wife. His cousin has been living in Shanghai for about 3 years on an ex-pat deal. The two of them met when he had been here for about 2 months - they make a really cute couple. We had dinner at a Korean BBQ place. They brought all sorts of soups and rice with lots of veggies and some broth mixed in and a ton of different lettuces for you to make little lettuce wraps using the meat they grill at the table and sweet rice with ice - fun and tasty!

Here's a photo of my manager in front of the funny little toilet in the men's room at the Korean bbq.

On the way back to my hotel, I chose to walk two short blocks in a light rain. I stopped at an intersection and zoned out a little while waiting for the light to turn green. After a few moments, I noticed the rain had suddenly stopped pouring on my head. I looked up to discover a guy had sidled up next to me so I could share his umbrella. We had an unspoken moment as we crossed the street together, then separated.


The other Olga said...

The breakfast food looks like a piece of radish stuffed with poppy seeds :)

Anonymous said...

Dragon food. It's a fruit. It cleans the body of toxins. Tastes sweet and sour. Nalin

Dave said...

To me, it tastes and feels a lot like kiwi.
We have a winner: Nalin! any special requests for your prize from China? :)

Anonymous said...

I won! :)

Since you asked, I think it would be fun to get a gift that meeets three conditions:
1. something small
2. something unique
3. something that says 'home'

TangueraBird said...

Hi David:
Olga sent me a link for your blog and I am enjoying it a lot now. Yes, I planned to ask my Dad if he remembers the name of the fruit. But my Dad also said (after his several trips to China) that it tastes like kiwi. :)

It is really amazing you have this opportunity to explore Asian world now!

Good like to you!


Phil said...

I need a definition of dragon food and origin of the name. BTW, the black things look more like
nigella seeds to me than poppy seeds.

Phil said...

Funny about the guy who silently invited himself to share your umbrella! Is that a cultural thing or was guy just out there?

Dave said...

Wikipedia to the rescue!

I don't know if it was a cultural thing. If I could ask him, we wouldn't have been able to share that silent moment ;) He was waiting at the same stop light I was waiting at. The lights in Shanghai are LONG. I don't know if it helps with traffic or smog - math, physics, and stats majors can debate that - but it definitely seems to be inconvenient for pedestrians.