Monday, February 22, 2010

Unwelcome arrival in Shanghai

I don't want to come off as whiny - let's say this story is an FYI.  I was supposed to land in Shanghai at 4:40pm, but there was extreme fog. We circled for an hour but it never cleared up. At 5:50 we landed at a small nearby airport called Hongqiao. They wouldn't let us off the plane for various reasons (the airline doesn't have any ground crew there, lack of border control personnel, no stairs to reach the 777 door, etc). While we waited for refueling (the fog issue was never mentioned again so I assume it lifted), at 8pm they announced the air crew is now officially unable to take off because they have been working too long, and a replacement crew was en route from Shanghai airport. At 9:30 they announced that the new flight crew had arrived, but local officials would not permit them onboard until the plane had been emptied of passengers and luggage. At 10:30 I made it through passport control and picked up my bag. At 11:15 I survived the taxicab line of hell. At 11:30 I pulled into the hotel.
Here's a photo of what I saw out the window all those hours.

I always say my flights are too short, I hardly have time to finish anything. Now I know what happens if the flight is any longer, it's exhausting and a bit frustrating... but tomorrow is another day! :)

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Bree said...

Oof! Glad you arrived in one piece, though.