Saturday, March 13, 2010

3/12 St Petersburg: Party Time, Zamechatalno

Friday morning was mostly relaxing as we cleaned up the house and ran errands to prepare for the party for our friends at Olga's parents' home. Party planning is serious as you have to either cook up and bunch of cutlets and salads - or lug 4 huge pierogi back from the downtown Stolle bakery by way of the metro. In a rare act of kindness - so rare I thought it had gone extinct as the metro station doors have signs in Russian and English commanding people to "Hold the door" - a random passenger not only did this but essentially stopped a swarm of rush hour foot traffic for us by yelling "tortiki!" (precious cakes) and holding people back as we entered the station.

For me, one of the highlights of the party was learning some Russian expressions, which I have translated here into English to bring you the final contest prize-abbondanza of the trip. Be the first to match up all of the numbered English expression with the equivalent lettered Russian expression translated into English. In case of no winner, closest match-up in 1 week wins!

(1) Carrot and stick
(2) Out of the blue
(3) No more horse s--t
(4) Straw that broke the camel's back
(5) Waste not, Want not
(6) Not to be trifled with
(7) Measure thrice, cut once
(8) If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding
(9) Slippery slope

(A) Last drop that overfills the chalise
(B) 7 mistakes, 1 punishment
(C) Whip and cookies
(D) Like snow on the head
(E) Beer without vodka is like money thrown to the wind
(F) 7 times measure, 1 cut
(G) With me jokes are bad
(H) Don't hang noodles on my ears
(I) If you like to ride, then you have to love to pull the sleigh


theresa_hart said...

This is very tough. We have done a collaborative effort -my son, my niece and me. 1C,2D,3H,4A,5E,6G, 7F,8B, 9I.

Karen said...

1C, 2D, 3F, 4A, 5E, 6G, 7B, 8I, 9H?????

Dave said...

Nobody has it exactly right yet, keep the guesses coming!!

Dave said...

Just a couple of days left to enter this contest, any other takers??

Bree said...

My answers are here.

Dave said...

Wow, Bree got it perfectly right with a last minute submission! One prize package is going out to you!

Theresa and Karen, nice try, you got very close! :)

Correct answer:
1C, 2D, 3H, 4A, 5E, 6G, 7F, 8I, 9B

Bree said...

Wow, awesome! Can't wait to be prized!

Karen G said...

Dave, You tell the best stories! When is the book coming out or is it going straight into a movie?