Thursday, March 4, 2010

3/4: From Shanghai to St Petersburg

I'm not a gadget guy. People assume I know all about the latest CPU options and phones and HDTVs, but I don't care for anything that will be obsolete within 6 months. I guess if anything, I'm a gadget nerd. I want hackable customizable underpowered gadgets that I can break and fix. I will never want an Apple product because they "just work" and they weld the hood shut. Anyway the point of this is that airlines outside the U.S. have way cooler gadgets. My flights to (Air Canada) and from (Finn Air) China have power outlets in all economy seats, on-demand movies, and FREE alcohol. The Finnair flight had cameras on the front of bottom of the planes and you could see the view from the flight deck and underbelly. On-demand movies are becoming more prevalent in the US - but good luck getting the rest of those features on a US airline. From now on, I'm flying international airlines if I have the option.
And what's up with all the airport wifi. San Francisco doesn't have it. Most cities in the US don't have it. Most hub airports around the world seemed to have figured it out. Let's step things up here people! In the meantime, it's a joy to have a layover in the Helsinki's and Vienna's of the world.

Btw when Rossiya St Petersburg Russian Airline says they are serving a meal, don't get your hopes up for anything more than a non-alcoholic beverage and little piece of milk chocolate. But I half expected that, which is why I subjected myself to a 5 hour layover in Helsinki rather than take a Chinese or Russian airline for the whole 10 hour trip.


theresa_hart said...

Air canada really?? I can't believe the free alcohol or the movies on demand. Maybe they pick up their socks for international flights because domestic are beyond dismal!

Dave said...

pick up their socks hahah

Karen said...

is that a cat?

Dave said...

it's a reindeer skin - we had been given two many years ago by Olga's parents and I felt we had reunited in the Helsinki airport.