Tuesday, March 9, 2010

3/8 St Petersburg: International Women's Day

Monday was International Women's Day in Eastern Europe and China. We caught up with some of the women from Sunday's party:

  • Olga's mom Maria was receiving calls all day long from people who enjoyed the party.
  • Olga's cousin Masha was relaxing and then travelling back to Moscow.
  • Katya is studying the technology of book editing in University.
  • Natasha has been studying English and working on conversational dialogs - and experimenting with a spy kit.
  • Ira and Maxim have mostly finished construction of their dacha halfway to Finland - and they made us sushi!
  • Ira's parents Anna cooked and Vladimir ate pieroshki (the cabbage was my favorite - along with the apple pie) - their use of Western languages is impressive - I kept doing a double-take when they would say such things as "stand up" and "more tea" peppered within conversation.
  • Cousin Paul's girlfriend Annita was studying for exams.
  • Although not a woman, Paul entertained us with tales of his bi-weekly travels to Stockholm and cooked up a tasty batch of Gl├╝hwein

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