Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back in Shanghai! Sept 8 2010

The flight was like a 12-hour mini vacation: slept, watched movies, read, slept some more, wined and dined. The highlight was supposed to be watching Iron Man 2, but of course I closed my eyes for a moment waiting for it to start, and missed most of it. But that made me all the more productive later catching up on some long-procrastinated reading and emailing.

A friend picked me up at the airport and we began the more-than-1-hour trek through rush-hour traffic from the airport to my hotel. I must've looked quite silly wearing a North Face autumn jacket - it is autumn after all and I did just come from San Francisco and then a flying meat locker - but in Shanghai it won't be necessary for a couple more months. At one point, when we were passed by a police car that was dodging between lanes at a high rate of speed, my friend exclaimed "he's going to find his grampa" - I love that expression, which basically translates to meeting your maker! Later when we passed more cops attending to a car accident, he referred to them as uncles - the Shanghainese nickname for cops translates surprisingly specifically to your "mother's brother".

Close to the hotel, we passed what looked like interesting streets with cafes and people and shops, and I made a mental note to return later. After checking in, I wandered around a bit, and this being my third time staying in this part of town, did manage to find that same neighborhood again. By 8pm it was still in the low 80's and about 50% humidity, but I rather enjoyed stumbling around and looking for nothing in particular. The nothing I ended up finding was a chocolate brownie and some miniature pig's ears (palmiers). Tomorrow I'll try for more authentic local treats, although who's to say the Chinese didn't invent brownies??


The other Olga said...

I love the google ad that popped up with this post for, a solar energy charity??

Check out those messenger bags!

Sara said...

Your travels are always so interesting. Today I mowed the lawn. :)

Spacey said...

Srsly, switch out of the North Face jacket and into the tailored suit w/cufflinks for the duration of the trip!

Dave said...

When I get back, I'll mow the lawn while wearing my tailored suit and carrying a solar messenger bag.