Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oct 19 2010 | Shanghai: working really hard over here!!

Before breakfast, I spent more time answering emails and taking calls than I did getting myself ready for work.  Worked straight through from the time I woke up until bedtime. The pace is quickening, but things are being nailed down too.  With so many coworkers in town, it means a lot of lunch and dinner invitations, but a lot of all-night work session invitations too. I think things will ease up a bit for a couple of days - which is good for you because it means more naive adventures into the wild world - and then get crazy again next week.

One of my local coworkers on this project said another funny expression today at lunch. Referring to how her boyfriend is too trusting, "You can cut him with a finger -- like tofu".  Then on the way back to the office, she told a funny story about how our US office asked her to perform reference checks of a vendor in Shanghai.  Apparently this is a foreign concept - she thought a reference check consisted of literally asking if he has any references and then looking at the list.  When the US office insisted she call the references on the list, the first call went something like this (grammar choices were not mine):
My coworker: "We're considering working with xxxxx. I'm calling to see if you recommend him - did your project go well?
Reference: "Why you bothering me? You want him or you don't want?"
I wonder if it's a very American concept, the reference check.  How is it done in other countries?

No photos today, so I'll include a photo I found online of the ice hot chocolate I had with dinner tonight.  Photo was from this blog:  http://living-to-eat.blogspot.com/ -  ice chocolate drink was from Whisk restaurant:  http://www.smartshanghai.com/venue/2831/Whisk_shanghai
At least I'm eating well :)


The other Olga said...

The Russian philosophy is (as best as I know), first hire friends and family and friends of friends and family of family. If you're somebody looking for a job, you wouldn't want to give a reference of your current employer, most likely because you haven't told them that you're looking for a new job. But then people like Vadik, who are self employed artists -- I imagine he relies on references a lot (or word of mouth, whichever you call it). It's all very different.

Sara said...

The Giants just beat the Phils. Bleh. Also, I'm awaiting the contest with baited breath :) Don't get sidetracked in a tea shop this time.

Patti said...

Love all your updates...you're a very entertaining blogger:)

So why all the trips to China?

Mom said...

OK, is it iced or hot chocolate? If it's iced hot chocolate, isn't it just plain chocolate milk?

Dave said...

@Olga This could make an interesting study

@Sara I promise a contest this weekend, just need to get into a couple more non-work-related adventures first

@Patti thank you!!

@Mom not sure how to describe it. It was definitely cold, not hot. I guess it was a very rich chocolate milk, not quite spanish hot chocolate (pudding), but very rich.

Karen said...

Better than Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity? Yes, this is a late response but I am catching up!

Dave said...

i haven't gone back every since serendipity got shutdown by the health board for numerous violations. the Shanghai government gives Whisk a green smiley face :)