Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Brought my tie over for a Mai Tai - Shanghai May 24 2011

Today was all work, until suddenly at 4pm I got invited to dinner at 6. Not one to turn down a good opportunity, I quickly wrapped up a couple of things, postponed several others, and quickly jumped the metro for a fitting of my 2 suits.

The suits fit better than expected. I had gone for just a fitting, with the final delivery later this week, but I couldn't find anything that needed alteration, so I took the 2 suits with me.

Online version of the sign I saw in the store, minus the tiny gelato cone

I ran from the metro over to the restaurant, only to find it's the same Thai place that Adele brought me for Sunday brunch. The directions and map I had were all in Chinese, I only knew a few landmarks and followed the contour of the road on the map. With a group of 9 people, I was able to try many different dishes. We got into a discussion about alcohol tolerance - apparently some Asians are extremely intolerant and others are immune - our group being a good sampling of the range.

Picked this up at the Japanese shop, the name was just too funny to pass up

Many of the same folks from Saturday night were there, minus the driving music. The first half went quite well, but after a few drinks, they switched exclusively to Mandarin. I picked up words and phrases, but overall it became difficult to connect.

As my experience in China grows deeper, the limitations of my lack of language become more pronounced.


The other Olga said...

Are you ready to start learning Mandarin? ;))

Dave said...

I'm thinking about it, seems a lot more practical (and more difficult) than Russian. yin yang.

The other Olga said...

I would totally want to do it too :))