Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bad reaction - Finns party HARD - St Petersburg - Saturday June 11

The happy couple: Olga and Ron

Woke up Saturday in a very rough shape - something I had eaten on Friday (or a combination of things) sorely disagreed with my system. Spent most of the day sleeping and vomiting. Not fun. Worked up the energy to take a quick walk across the beach with the family and then travel car-to-subway-to-foot back to the city house, freshen up, and head to another Olga's wedding reception cruise along the Neva river. I was pretty out of it, but we all had a really good time.


Finns dancing on the boat

At the end of the trip, the bride Olga announced that the club "Druga" where we had planned to go for the afterparty called to say we wouldn't be allowed in because they don't allow Finns (the couple lives in Finland and most of the wedding party is visiting from there). Apparently the Finns have a reputation as horrible drunks - the club had to call OMON (similar to TSA - their motto is "We know no mercy and do not ask for any") for five separate incidents of Finns getting super drunk and going crazy at the club. I think the description is pretty accurate as they were passing the vodka bottle around on the bus on the way from the reception back to the hotel.

Leonid tells a story of the first time the Zilberburgs visited Finland on April 30 1994 - they arrived in Helsinki in the evening and they walked around in amazement as the streets were full of empty liquor bottles literally mid-leg. By the morning, everything was pristine, even the lake had been skimmed of all trash. And they probably recycled it all to boot.

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