Monday, June 13, 2011

Copenhagen and Herning - June 13 2011

Floor seats
Everything we tried to do in Copenhagen this morning was closed due to the Pentecost Monday holiday: Stroget pedestrian street, museums, general sightseeing and peoplewatching... Not defeated, we switched gears and boarded the train to start our day trip to Herning.

We got train seats for a moment
and were immediately overrun
by a parade of German bikers
The train was overbooked, so we sat on floor most of the way. So many people we have encountered in Denmark - even government workers - are so happy to be doing their jobs. One conductor made a little sing-song tune as he punched peoples' tickets.

Train coffee comes with a free
gold chocolate treat, a fellow
traveler had left hers behind!
 When we checked into the hotel in Herning, we learned of a package for people attending the Roger Waters concert: 400 crowns per person for smorgasbord dinner, bottomless wine/beer before the show, nonstop Pink Floyd background music, transportation to/from the show, and hot dogs after the show.

We wandered around a bit to figure out alternative dinner and transportation arrangements, but it being a holiday, everything including the Bryggeriet brewpub is closed, so we gladly took the package.

The friendliest ticket scalpers
you'll ever meet
At the show, we met Mike (the friendly guy who had sold us our tickets) - he and his wife had bought a block of 4 on presale and they sat directly next to us (I think they gave us the better seats!). They recognized us before we even sat down because he had found this travel blog and was following our adventures.

Roger performing a duet with his younger self
The show was amazing, as always. If you ever have the opportunity to see Roger Waters The Wall Live, by all means, take it!!

Evil flying pig

On the way out, there seemed to be about 30 charter buses in the parking lot - we wonder if other hotels or groups have similar concert/dinner/hotel/transportation packages. Back at the hotel, munching on our unlimited free hot dogs, one of the best parts of the show was bonding with the fellow concertgoers, learning their stories.

Hot dogs for all!
Everyone we talked to was from Denmark, primarily Northern Jutland (the western peninsula Herning is in) - about a 2-hour drive. One American/British couple, living in Copenhagen for 15 years took the train over - they probably traveled the furthest distance of everybody we walked with.

Looks like somebody was making a
sign and lost their mind halfway through
Everybody was super easygoing, glad to talk to anybody at long as they had a fresh Carlsberg in their pilsner glass. Almost without exception, everybody took a hot dog or three. Middle-aged men and women, dressed up in eveningwear, with a Carlsberg in one hand and a hot dog in the other.


Bruce said...

looks like a good trip so far.

nice deal on the concert.

Dave said...

Bruce, now that I know you're reading, I'll include more info about deals we get :)

mizzkg said...

Happy scalpers? Maybe they were happy to have your money. ;)