Thursday, June 16, 2011

Farvel Denmark, Hej taste of Sweden - June 16 2011

Someone swimming in a
glass pool on the roof
of a hotel in Goteborg
Denmark has a chainstore called Tiger that is basically Ikea without the home furnishings. $6 folding camp stools with built-in insulated cooler? check. Dried apples? check. Marionettes? check. Adorable pictures frames, check. cute pattern ice cube trays, cooking spice packets, adorable tote bags? check, check, check. Sadly we could only pick up a few of these things. I think I would come here often if we lived any closer.

Some sort of problem with the train track between Copenhagen and Goteborg. They kicked everyone off the train and made us wait for the next one. The next train was a much higher class, so it was a bit of an upgrade and we were only about 30 mins late as it's a faster, more comfortable, more direct train. Yay for unscheduled maintenance.

Ling et al
Our hotel is so neat. It's in a mixed-use building: the lower-front section is a car rental agency and garage, the middle is an office building, and the upper-rear floor is a converted b&b - basically they put up some thin walls and furnished the place in an standard Ikea furnishings from the beds and sheets down to the forks and plates. It's super efficient, as you can imagine. Scattered throughout the floor are clean toilets and showers, and an efficient continental breakfast buffet at the end. It's like sleeping in an Ikea showroom. And such a great price!

They really love their
Fibonacci sequence in
Enjoyed dinner at Fiskekrogen, perhaps the first Michelin-listed restaurant we have experienced. Some stand-out courses, such as lightly seared Ling (North Atlantic sea pike) with a baked apple chunk, a dried apple slice, and duck confit. The scallop and the chocolate courses were spectacular. Michelin, I got you on my radar!

Two adventures trying to find a brewpub in Goteborg. First I did a search for Bryggeriet, which is Swedish for Brewery. Found a restaurant with that exact name a few blocks from our hotel, so we stopped by after dinner. Very disappointed to see it's just a typical restaurant and bar. "Do you make your own beer?" "Excuse me, sir?" "Do you make beer here?" "No but we have a nice Pilsner from Prague today".

Back on Google and found a place called Brew House about a mile away. Had a lovely time exploring the streets of Goteborg, passing an area where young men played soccer, sometimes it seemed multiple games at the same time (some playing North-South while others played East-West -- on the same field!!) As we walked through the lanes of the Valhalla University campus, we started to wonder what kind of brewhouse it would be. Apparently it's a commercial center, housing mostly video production companies, perhaps named after somebody named Brew. No beer here at all :(

Gemytligt little neighborhoody pub in Goteborg
There's one more place called Vega Bryggeri AB and it seems to be located on the docks. Might be worth a try if we're prepared for disappointment.

Ended up at a small local happening pub where I tasted my first Swedish beer: Abro. There's not much to it - just like simple Scandinavia design. It's light, clean, refreshing, nothing unnecessary. Olga adds that it's very drinkable, just enough bitter to be refreshing. If you're looking for a beer that goes with everything, this is your choice. Let's say it's The Joker of Beers. Olga tried the Via del Campo rosé, which she says is fruity with a body to it. I would add that it's a surprisingly respectable balance between sweet and tart.


mizzkg said...

One of your best blogs! Full of laughs and great pictures. Sorry to hear about the beer. :(

Pieter.Sanders89 said...

I’ve been to Sweden twice actually, first time in the summer, when it was warm, so I visited so many places and cities, Stockholm, Goteborg, Malmo etc. it was really nice. But the second time in winter… man that was cold for me.., I was just sitting around in my hotelroom playing slots and these kinds of things cause I just couldn’t get out of my place! It was THAT cold hahha but for you folks I could advise you to go there during summer time, cause its more pleasant and the temperature is just amazing Good luck guys!