Sunday, June 12, 2011

A few travel notes - Sunday June 12 2011

Haven't seen an Ikea yet - but these electric cars look cool!

Tearful goodbyes through the day...

Flew through Stockholm. On short flights, SAS charges for all beverages - including hot tea! Price not mentioned before pouring and sipping. Checked some luggage to arrive in Stockholm so we could leave it and pick it up on our way home. Brilliant idea, Olga!

Trying to merge with a folk sandwich

Arrived in Copenhagen. Train from airport to downtown near hotel in 12 minutes. Wow. Walked around looking for a carnival we had heard about. The city was quite dead because it's a Sunday and also a holiday. Stopped by a truly world-class gelato shop - the only shop that had a crowd of any kind. One scoop mint-lime sorbet, one scoop peanut butter/caramel/chocolate. Best flavors ever.

People bike everywhere, Copenhagen is wonderfully overrun by bikes. I love it!!! Walked past a bike shop closed for the night that had a free air hose sticking out a slightly propped-open window.

Rockin' Venezuelan band

Followed our ears to the Brazilian-influenced Carnival. Kiddie rides, and a thousand people drinking Heineken. Many seemed to bring their own bottles of beer and wine too. Most of the food stands were hot dogs, crepes, and some Thai food finally found one selling something authentic: the folksandwich (close but not the exact name), which is a carved steak sandwich with pesto, mayo, and a salad on top. perfectly hit the spot!

Happened upon a Venezuelan band in the world music stage. A danceable/kickable/ jumpable/moshable Latino ska zydeco rock music. Lots of fun dancing, kicking...until we were tired and walked back to the hotel.

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