Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It Don't Come Easy, St Petersburg: June 7 2011

Assman sign near Nevskii
This morning we witnessed a theft. We were a few feet behind a crowd - all of a sudden we saw a bunch of pushing and then a dazed man with a broken-looking camera and mangled glasses got up from the ground in the street. It seems like he was pushed over a barrier separating the sidewalk from the street, and at the same time, the culprits grabbed one of his cameras.

We continued our journey to Nabokov's house. His family was rich and influential prior to the revolution, and the part of their house that houses the museum demonstrates that. There is an interview video from the 1960s where he comes across as a big jerk with his English-spoken-with-a-French-accent and his putting on airs. Nabokov reminds me a lot of Stewie Griffin. The one thing in the museum to redeem his humanity is the collection of butterflies he had drawn in various books in dedication to his wife. It was very touching.

Looks like a very important meeting. Chewbacca and Shrek were both in attendance!

As we were leaving, the docent or security guard (not sure as it seems all he did was play on his laptop) was frantically running around asking if we had seen anybody come through. Apparently during the 30 seconds while we loitered in the lobby of Nabokov's house, somebody stole this guy's laptop and ran off. Nabokov lived in a sketchy neighborhood!

We met for dinner with Kostya and Maria at Stolle, the reliable pieroshki restaurant. According to their website:
«Stolle»s main aim was a creation of cafe-pie network which would conform spiritual questing of Russian people who aspire to creation and «Stolle» pies backed according to Old Russian recipes should become the sample of similar baker products.

We had an assortment including mushroom, cabbage, green onion, and rabbit (I wasn't brave enough to try the rabbit, it sounded too cute) - and shchi soup, which can come hot or cold.

Very silly indeed

In the evening, an extended group of friends and family went to the Ringo's All-Starr Band concert, which mostly consisted of Ringo's greatest hits (yay), Edgar Winter playing Frankenstein, and our row horsing around while Richard Page and Rick Derringer played a live Miami Vice-style soundtrack. We all got very silly whenever Ringo wasn't playing. At one point, Olga seemed to be the only person cheering and Ringo laughed and said I hear you there! Later in the show, Ringo announced 'you're all very quiet tonight' - Kostya yelled in response and Ringo replied 'Oh shut up!'  I don't know how he heard and saw us when we were near the back of the theatre! :-)

Paul, Ringo, and Olga


mizzkg said...

Chewbacca & Shek? Really? Where was that meeting held? I didn't even know they knew each other. And Paul & Ringo? I'm glad to see them together. You get the best shots!

Dave said...

We seemed to wander through the backyard of a wax museum in St. Petersburg. I wonder if somebody can identify other people in the photo :)

mizzkg said...

The only other one I recognized was Shrek's girlfriend, Whatshername. Actually I'm not sure about Chewbacca being there, but you would know better than I.