Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dec 29 2011 - Transitional day in Cairns Australia

Cafe at the Cairns Botanical Gardens
There's a lot of pressure to keep one's travel blog interesting for faithful readers. Day one: arrive in an exciting town in an exotic locale, for example Sydney Australia. Day two: meet friends and have local dining experience, such as trying kangaroo sausage. Day three: try a new and exhilarating activity, perhaps scuba diving on a reef. Day four: try an unusual mode of transportation, let's say you ride a scenic railroad up to and a gondola above and down from a mountaintop rainforest. Day five is always going to be a letdown to travel blog followers - there's no way to keep up that level of activity.

Blue Sky Brewery in Cairns domestic airport
This morning we ran into another couple from the dive trip and walked to/through the botanical gardens and nature walk in Cairns. The nature walk was nice - a self-guided boardwalk tour through a few distinct rainforest and swamp ecosystems. It was nice to see our dive buddies - hopefully we'll run into each other in Sydney.

Tropical storm blew in as we were blowing out
The Cairns airport is really cute. The first thing we noticed is that they don't ask for IDs anywhere: at check-in, security, boarding, or when ordering beer at the local Cairns Blue Sky Brewery in the domestic terminal. They also don't check for liquids or carefully inspect shoes in the domestic terminal. It brings up an array of thoughts on the state of airport security, but my takeaway was how enjoyable the stout was at the airport brewery :)


Dave V. said...

Well you can't have a super amazing and adventurous day EVERY DAY or else your friends back home would be jealous!

Dave said...

"Like" :)

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