Friday, December 30, 2011

Dec 30 2011 - Sydney - I come from a land down under

Twitch has been fed!
This being our second visit to Sydney (after 4 days up in Cairns), we feel like locals and spent the day accordingly.

  • We're staying in our friend John's house in the suburb of Marrickville. Slept in until 10am (average wake-up time on this trip has been about 8am due to heavily packed plans). We're also feeding his cat. That's so local. Tourists don't feed cats.

Set of Nothing Personal
  • Shopped at Banana Joe's grocery store and made a healthy brunch of local mango, cherries, cucumber, hummus, cheese, multi-grain bread, and Greek pastries.

  • Visited the post office for stamps, but it's closed for the holiday. Picked up a tasty cappuccino instead at the Marrickville Post Cafe.

After an afternoon looking at world maps,
now that's all I can see.
  • Checked out the New South Wales Library to check out the wonderful exhibit for the 100th anniversary of the exploration of Antarctica. Probably the best part is the collection of Italian, Dutch, British, French, and even ancient Greek world maps in chronological order so you can watch the results of various nautical expeditions to the Southern hemisphere.

  • Patronized a local pub. The Harts Pub near Circular Quay serves only craft beer - we tried their own Rocks Brewing Co Cider and one outside beer: Murray's Dark Knight Porter from a nearby town called Bobs Farm. I enjoyed my Porter and Olga preferred her Cider :) We've now been to several pubs and I have never seen Foster's - not even once. Maybe it isn't Australian for beer.

Sydney Opera building from the ferry
  • After a small bite at Harts, we caught the comedic play Nothing Personal at the local Ensemble theatre in Kirribilli. The play was funny, barring a few local and Cricket-related references, and the cast was great!

  • Masterfully navigated our way through the ferry and train system back to our friend's house. It's like we've been living here for years!

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Unknown said...

I suspect that Foster's is American for Australian for beer :-)