Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sept 20 2012 - Becoming locals in Dubrovnik

View of Dubrovnik port and Lokrum island where I dove
Cable car ride up Mt. Srd

We've been in Dubrovnik for over two days now, but we've been so busy with excursions that I haven't had a chance to describe the town. The old town of Dubrovnik was originally built in the 8th century (or possibly in BC as some new theories suggest) but the present city was built in the 16th century after a major earthquake. It was also partially rebuilt - although the city walls mostly held up - after the war with Serbia in 1991-1992.

The old city is so beautiful from the top of the mountain

While most of the old city feels super old, there's something about it that is entirely different from Split (where we visited a few days ago). Split feels chaotic yet more real: you can see clothes drying on lines, kids going to school, locals going to/from their homes. In Dubrovnik, in the old town anyway, hardly anybody lives here anymore - they rent their homes to travelers and live in some not-too-distant suburb.

We decided to hike down, crazy!!
In fact, it must not be too distant, because we keep running into our landlord. First he found us on the street the night we were checking in and somehow knew we were the weary tourists coming to his flat, then at lunch on Wednesday in a restaurant he had recommended, and finally heading into a bar on Thursday.

Trying a lemon Ozujsko at Buza 2

We have seen where locals live, but for the vast majority it's not within the old city walls as they do in Split. This gives Dubrovnik a less chaotic (everything is well organized for tourists' needs) but also less authentic feel. This feeling of inauthenticity is something that's hard to shake from the back of our minds as we enjoy all Dubrovnik has to offer.

We managed to find one family drying their clothes on the line

After dinner, we popped by a outdoor cliffside bar called Bu┼ża 2 where you can watch the sun (or in our case the moon) set over the Adriatic Sea. Such a unique and special place!

Stradun main street is so pretty at night
Look who I found on a well-lit side street

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