Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sept 26 2012 - Metropole brewpub and bakery

Metropole: Remarkable Soviet-style bakery, Mediocre brewpub
Come for the pivo, stay for the profiteroles

Now that we're in St Petersburg, we decided to continue the brewpub tour here with cousin Paul and Annita...

The Brasserie Metropole, located in the central Nevskii district of St. Petersburg, is in the same building as the business hotel and the Soviet-era cafe of the same name. The business-casual atmosphere - with a mix of couches, chairs, and tvs showing mostly music videos - is pleasant and professional. The service is very slow by American standards, though fairly average by Russian ones.

We sampled 3 beers:
Blanche: Of the three, this was the most drinkable. An unfiltered white wheat Hefeweizen, this craft Belgian-style beer can go head-to-head against Blue Moon, although it doesn't have a chance against Chimay.
Kriek: Unlike most Belgian Krieks, this sour cherry beer was more rotten than sour, and watery to boot.
LambicThis was overly sweet and lacked most characteristics of good taste. Olga found it the least offensive.

Our salad and soups were pretty good (maybe 8 out of 10), but the cream puffs and cabbage pierog we brought home were off the charts!

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