Friday, December 21, 2012

Brazil Day 1: Flight into Manaus

Tonight we landed in Manaus, Brazil. The flights were a breeze - just sleep, food, and alcohol. We sat near a Peruvian woman on the first two legs who wouldn't stop talking about her daughter in Oakland. Luckily we had a little break while she played slot machines for 3 hours during the layover in Vegas (I had to get her out of there, she had no idea we were already boarding). She is such a character, Olga could write a book about her!

One thing about Manaus that hit us right away is the smells. Stepping from the plane to the jetway, you get your first sense - just for a second - of what climate you're about to subject yourself to on the other side of Customs. There was a definite temperature (very warm) and humidity (super high), but even more than that, there was a musty smell. Walking around town a bit this evening, we smelled decaying garbage from street markets, a block that smelled like bad fish, and an intersection that smelled like an agoraphobic's house. Manaus is a hotspot of activity at 10pm. I suspect it's constantly moving and we won't even recognize the city by nose in the morning.

Our introduction to Manaus - our first visit anywhere in Brazil - was brief and jam-packed. We witnessed the dress rehearsal (I hope it wasn't the final version) of an outdoor christmas speclacular). We got kicked out of a juice bar after spending 20 minutes trying to guess the different fruits on the menu, only to find out that we missed the window for ordering. Then we found a local ice cream chain called Glacial where you can scoop your own and pay by weight. The flavors had such curious names (Brigadeiro, Flakes, and Africon - to name a few), we wanted to try them all!

We're about to head deep into the Amazon jungle for a few days, see you on the other side!

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ivden said...

So, just what does an agoraphobic's house smell like?

Have a great adventure. Make sure those mosquito nets are secure!