Monday, February 11, 2013

San Francisco Beer Week 2013: Lost Coast Bottlecaps @ Zeitgeist

Tonight we kicked off the annual San Francisco Beer Week with a low-key event at our local biker bar, Zeitgeist. Lost Coast Brewery had brought some of their rare brews for us to try
Jack Van Stone, sales manager for Lost Coast, brought some jewelry he made out of beer bottle caps and rhinestones, even offering a lovely set of earrings to Olga! Check out his work (I hope he gets to drink each and every bottle to get the caps).

We started with the Winterbraun, which Olga described as a bear falling into a honeycomb. It's very light and subtle, fun and all-night-drinkable. The best beer of the night.

Next we tried the Baltic Porter. If it needs a catchphrase, I would say it could be "none more black". It gave Olga the sense of tarpaulin and turpentine. Sharp notes. Definitive strong character. Flavorful in your face. Not sure what makes it Baltic, it's certainly better than all of the Baltica-brand beers we tried in Russia.

The Bourbon Stout is good, but the oak takes away from the smoothness and subtlety of the stouty characteristics. Olga detected essences of sage and field grass. You can feel the acid burning on your lips.

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