Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July 17 2013: Summer in Shanghai!

I guess 40 is an unlucky number? Sorry "39"
"Is it cold out??" the hotel receptionist asked as I arrived for check-in lugging my bags and wearing the warm-up jacket I needed in San Francisco and on the plane. This was a good sign, you don't often get sarcasm as the first statement by an employee in a luxury hotel in China - usually they are overly formal and polite. It's going to be a good trip!

Fish smoking by the fire at Japanese restaurant in IFC

When I selected my hotel for this trip - about a 6 minute walk from the office - I had been warned by coworkers that I should take a taxicab in the morning because the heat (90-100 F) and humidity are so high, I would arrive at the office drenched and exhausted. I am proud to say 6 minutes is not so bad and there were no deleterious effects - at least nobody complained!

Smartphones are getting bigger and bigger these days!!

Coworkers took me to Japanese lunch (I had their famous smoked fish) while we caught up on gossip. Who got married, who's having a baby, who quit to start their own company, who is buying what gadgets, who is travelling to exotic places. My workers are increasingly well-off financially, I wonder if this is the case for the majority of China, or it just the sector where we work.

Every conceivable type of cute collapsable tote bag

Had dinner at a tasty and creative Vegetarian restaurant called Kush (hah!) that just so happens to be on the same block as my favorite Shanghai brewpub... coincidence? The lentil burger, pumpkin soup, and cool rain (watermelon juice with a pinch of sea salt) hit the spot! The menu - which thoughtfully lists calorie counts - says you can pick your toppings, but the so-called toppings came on the side in a bowl, and they look at you funny as you transfer grilled onions, mushrooms, and sprouts over to your burger. But funny looks are just a part of travel, are they not? On my way out, I saw a sign saying they also have live and raw foods - have to come back to see what that's about!

Dugite Vanilla Stout at The Brew - I love their glasses!

On the way through the mall to the brewpub THE BREW, I passed the Mecca of cute Japanese and Korean stickers and pens and little notebooks. If you're reading this now, don't be surprised to see one turn up on your birthday!


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