Saturday, July 20, 2013

July 20 2013: Shanghai the Day After

Another hearty hotel buffet breakfast
I'm not sure how localized or widespread the KTV phenomenon lies - it's certainly very popular in Shanghai, probably in most urban areas in China, and possibly throughout Asia. Olga and I had witnessed some form of this at a karaoke bar in Japantown, San Francisco.

Area around my office - snake hedge!
My partners in crime last night joked that after you drink an expensive bottle of liquor in China, break the bottle! Otherwise it will find its way to be refilled with counterfeit alcohol. The idea of fake alcohol isn't completely off base - we did have an awful lot of alcohol (as did our karaoke hostesses) with very little effect.

I came all the way to China to have...
Akbar Russian Green Tea???
Spent the afternoon doing a little shopping, mostly for US coworkers. Got the requisite pashminas (100% cashmere? for $4? Really 100%??) and a bunch more cute stickers and pencils for gifts.

Toddler scootering around
the mall while I had dinner
Shopping was near Kush vegetarian restaurant so I stopped by again to see if I could find the Raw and Live food. I asked around and none of the staff seemed to know what I was going on about. I typed it into Google Translate, out popped 你有食物是活着的吗? Something must've been lost in translation because they became very apologetic that they don't serve any meat, and the friendly couple at the next table explained that the restaurant serves only vegetables. I insisted that I'm vegetarian too but I thought they had live veggie meals. Then they said the translation was ok, but they never heard of live food before, so everyone assumed I was looking for meat :) I don't know where I got the idea, maybe because the restaurant is named "Live Kush"!!

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The other Olga said...

Hah, cute snake hedge! And Акбар tea? Funny!