Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 23 2013: Return home from Shanghai

Is that a big hairy spider under my mask?? ;)
There has been some discussion in the blog comments about the Chinese cultural perspective of tanning. I asked my Shanghai coworkers if darker or tanned skin is looked down upon. At first they didn't answer directly, but after a little prodding, they said that's not the case, but neither is it considered beautiful. Affluent Chinese men tend to find lighter skinned women more attractive.

Unintentionally Angry and
Happy Panda cookies
Reluctantly racing toward the finish line at 4pm, with only an hour remaining before I had to leave for the airport, I started noticing the office getting quieter and quieter, people seemed to be disappearing en masse. I noticed just before the last two people left.
"What's going on, where is everybody going?"
"Oh you didn't hear? The office will be cleaned... for mosquitos."
"And everyone has to leave?"
"Yes they will be spraying the plants. Mosquitos come from plants."

I guess somebody finds this appetizing??
And with that, I said goodbye to the last couple of remaining coworkers and donned the facemask I carry in Russia in case of Poplar tree allergen. I wasn't about to waste this opportunity to have an hour of quietude to finish up my work. So maybe I had to pretend there wasn't a guy walking around spraying lethal poison on plants. He wasn't wearing a mask at all, so at least I would be safer than he was!

Asiana 214 B777
The subway ride to the Maglev turned out to be free because I had a large suitcase and used the elevator which apparently skips right by the ticket turnstiles. When I got off the elevator and found myself on the platform without a ticket, I was prepared for a fight on the way out, but the same thing happened upon exit. The Maglev train is still the fastest and least expensive way to get to/from Shanghai Pudong Airport - I wonder why I always take a taxicab to the hotel when I arrive. I have a speedometer app on my phone and clocked the max speed in at 313 Km/h. The highlight of the flight home was the on-demand movie selection (thank you UAL B777), the veggie meals and ice cream onboard - and on a somber note - a clear view of the Asiana 214 crashed plane.

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