Friday, October 30, 2015

Oct 30 2015: Breaking Beijing

Bowie completely mesmerized by the mask changing show

I've been in Beijing for the past two weeks planning a conference for all of our business partners. The entire firm was invited to help put it together, and I'm super proud of what we accomplished as a team. The thing that stands out in my memory has been the teambuilding and comradery. Despite all the late nights we spent pulling it together, tearing it apart, and putting it back together again, we made time to go out to karaoke, have a dinner with traditional Beijing entertainment (kung fu, mask changing), and bond over many foot massages and even more drinks. The entire firm is firing on all cylinders and working together as a very tight unit.

A small portion of the tech used to put on our conference
One funny thing that happened this week is the hotels for some reason thought I was a big boss. They've been throwing upgrades at us, every hotel staff member has addressed me by name at every meal / on the way to my room / at the pool / in the meeting space. Bowie has been treated like a king (almost) every time he decides to speedcrawl around his royal subjects at the hotel Executive Lounge. It's going to be tough leaving that level of attention :)

The entire company at our 15th Anniversary Gala

It's been so great having Olga and Bowie here to witness some of the mayhem firsthand, to be at the hotel when I come back for a short break or after a long night of work. They don't have to wonder about the crazy stories I'm going to tell from this experience, they've been here to experience it. Though I may not have been available for them these two weeks, they've been available for me, and their support has been invaluable. Inevitably I'm going to sink into a bit of a depression the next few days as I come down from the crunchtime adrenalin high. I'm so glad to have them here with me!
Post conference team dinner at the
Ritz Carlton restaurant... F. Yu ???

Now we're off to Tokyo for a week of R and R. Can't wait to see what adventures we get in to :)

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Oct 22 2015 - Basking in Beijing

A few photos after a few days of work...

Volkswagen Beetle modern art

Tried the cram the whole company into an elevator

Chinese version of rugelach (actually it's sesame Mochi)

My whole team is together for the first time

Bowie and Olga landed in Beijing!!