Thursday, October 22, 2015

Oct 22 2015 - Basking in Beijing

A few photos after a few days of work...

Volkswagen Beetle modern art

Tried the cram the whole company into an elevator

Chinese version of rugelach (actually it's sesame Mochi)

My whole team is together for the first time

Bowie and Olga landed in Beijing!!


The other Olga said...

where did you get that sesame mochi?? I want one! :)

Dave Grenetz said...

Chinese restaurant near the hotel! :)

Phil G said...

Nice that you could have a guy's night out.

On the airBnB thing, I suspect this and San Fran's Prop F (that failed ) and Uber's possible reclassification, etc., are all battles in one economic war. These services disrupt, democratize, and 'entrepreneurize' the corporate business models. I am not as concerned about Japan, but hope the trend in this country is not defeated by entrenched interests.