Sunday, November 1, 2015

Nov 1 2015: Taking over Tokyo for Halloween

Japanese restroom includes
a place to hang your kid!
Playground in Ebisu - unlike China you
don't have to bring your own swing

We had a couple glitches getting into our lodgings when we arrived from China Thursday night. Nothing super serious, just a few Airbnb quirks. We had a roof and a bed and a toilet and a fridge. We weren't homeless. Almost. Olga goes into fun detail in her blog

Asakusa temple which pays tribute to the
three men who brought Buddhism to Japan

This is a serious shrine, no giggling!

We're staying in the Ebisu neighborhood (named after the Yebisu brewery that was originally here). Friday we spent the afternoon walking through Daikanyama (next neighborhood towards the center). Playgrounds, great cafes with amazing pastries, unique boutiques, and interesting windy alleys that made the journey really fun.

Very elaborate pumpkin float with horesemen
Bowie likes his mugs of beer!!

Friday was Halloween, and I was super excited to see how Tokyo celebrates. The next neighborhood towards the center is Shibuya, where everyone comes to see and be seen on Halloween at Shibuya Crossing. If you've seen Lost in Translation when Bill Murray is sulking around a Times Square like intersection while the world is moving around him at a frenetic pace - that's Shibuya Crossing.

Samurai and Mario at dinner

Not exactly sure... Zombie Minnie Mouse??

We saw so many zombies: zombie nurse, zombie Mario, zombie bunny rabbit, zombie Samurai, little red riding hood zombie. It seems to be the theme this year. Lots of young ladies in groups of 4-8 that are dressed up in the same costume. We were in bed by 10pm, I wonder what happened next!

Just Wow.

Bowie getting a little tired of Marios by the end of the night

Had dinner at a tiny cute ramen place near Shibuya, our first meal in Japan. You order from and pay at a vending machine, you get tickets with your selections, give them to the ramen chef. You can ask a couple questions but mostly you are on your own. There are helpful pictures on the machine but not a whole lot of info such as which ones have meat :) This is the first meal Bowie has really taken to so far on this trip. Ramen it is!

Ordering dinner for three
Bowie REALLY likes ramen!

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Amber said...

Great Pictures!! Who knew that Japan celebrates Halloween? I wonder how long it's been a thing there.