Thursday, November 5, 2015

Nov 5 2015: Edible Tokyo

Giant Opah freshly caught and offered slice by sashimi slice
Bowie sharpening his chopsticks before digging in

Wednesday morning we headed to the Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market. It's a crowded scene with several rows of stalls alternating between selling fish, snacks, produce, and small restaurants. In her blog, Olga tells a cute story about Bowie snatching the strawberry off our mochi

Pondering the oxymoron of jumbo shrimp

Amusement Park and baby playland at Tokyo Dome

We headed into a sushi bar for brunch and decided to sit in their tatami style room with the mats and low tables/chairs. It's actually a super baby friendly experience - we were able to close off the room, Bowie could crawl around, we were never very far off the ground. Score one for Washitsu! Being inside the fish market, the sashimi was of course very fresh - Olga says it's the best she's ever had. On the other hand, the sushi roll was covered in mayonnaise - I wonder if it's a special treatment for foreigners?

Somebody has to be the jumper
Somebody has to be the jumpee
Taking out one ball at a time

After a trip back to the apartment, naps, homemade lunch, we headed out for our afternoon excursion to the Tokyo Dome, a famous martial arts and concert venue. Next door there's a baby paradise called ASO-Bono - sort of a Chuck E Cheese without the electronics. There are play rooms for each age where kids can dress up for any occupation, play kitchen or store or pirate or doctor (ok maybe not doctor). There's a bouncy house and a giant ball pit and ropes and nets to climb through. Bowie had a blast trying to empty thousands of balls out of the ball pit. He likes to empty things and fill them up again - that's his thing right now. He probably got about 30 balls into it before we had to leave.

Tokyo Dome Carousel - Bowie rode up, down, and around!

Should be called Whipped Cream N Things!

Thursday we breakfasted at Eggs N Things, a Hawaiian breakfast joint in the Harajuku section of Shibuya. The staff (and customers) were super patient while Bowie crawled all around the place - inside, outside on the patio, up and down the stairs, around the second floor. In the mornings we try to get him some exercise so he'll nap well - and the apartment is small so we need to crawl outside somewhere. In the same area we popped by the Meiji Shrine to pay respects to the late Emperor and Empress's stomping grounds. It's a nice place to walk on tree-lined paths and they have an affordable souvenir shop.

Grounds of the Meiji Shrine
Kids dress in kimonos and pray for good health

In the afternoon we visited the Jimbocho neighborhood where every other store is a bookstore. If you're looking for any kind of book in Tokyo, first check Tsutaya stores, then go to Jimbocho neighborhood! Bowie had a blast pulling all the books off the shelves and flipping through the pages and suspiciously glaring at giant stuffed animals. Dinner was back near our apartment at the Yebisu Beer Hall, which is named after the neighborhood, which is named after the beer. They have a decent stout that tastes exactly like Murphy's Irish Stout. Not better than Murphy's but not worse either.

Prayers on wooden tiles - like at the wailing wall
Bowie self sufficient at the bookstore!!

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